Softymo Mens Cool Body Soap Refill 400Ml

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Super cool framework refreshing crash menthol employed. Sweat, odor good clothes that need to be washed. Continue sensation of wash up. Sweat / Sticky / Washing on odor also it is very cool Shakien & a relaxing body. Relaxing antiseptic ingredients. Instantly foam, laundry solidly with sweat, abras and gluey, clean it fresh and clean skin. Crash menthol mixture. Super cool laundry looking aroma is usually refreshing relaxing aroma of citrus. Sustained fantastic feeling. Right after scrubbing away, a cool feeling persists for some time now. Aloe extract or glycerin (moisturizing) ingredients. The relaxing cleaning substance is cocoyl methyl taurine Na. The right way to use: Take a good level of towel or sponge and so forth with water which is hot, clean it gently, then rinse totally after which.

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